I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Yale University. My research focuses on ethnicity and state strategy in the shadow of political violence, with a regional focus on South Asia and the British Empire. My dissertation explains why states collaborate with coethnics (i.e., individuals belonging to the same ethnic groups as insurgents) in response to some conflicts, but rely on ethnic outgroups in others. I answer this question using a variety of empirical methods, including qualitative interviews from multi-site fieldwork, archival research, counterfactual analysis, and quantitative analysis of medium-n observational and survey data. In other work – published in the American Journal of Political Science and Social Text – I study gender dynamics, public opinion-building in conflict, and the politics of post-conflict transitional justice. I have taught introductory courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations, as well as thematic courses on political violence and social movements. Originally from New Delhi (India), I was an undergraduate student in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, prior to joining Yale.